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If you are a Lawyer, Accountant, Financial Adviser, Consultant or any Professional with clients who need "Merger & Acquisition" services, Berkeley Cannon can help.

We welcome your referrals

Trusted advisers are often the first contact when company owners are considering M&A options. Merger & Acquisition transactions offer many options of which most Sellers are not aware. It is important that your client receives accurate and reliable information on how the process works. Getting guidance at the beginning is critical. Berkeley Cannon is one of the UK financial services most respected M&A firms. We have numerous M&A professionals that cover the entire UK. Our average intermediary has over 20 years of business experience. Berkeley Cannon Intermediaries work with trusted adviser referrals every day. There is no upfront cost or obligation for you or your client. We work on a "Success Fee" basis only. Our fee is earned only (if & when) a closing takes place. Generous referral fees are also paid upon any successful closing. We invite you to learn more about Berkeley Cannon and find out how we can help. Get started now.

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